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We can offer competitive quotations  for new boiler installations and heating systems.

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Introduction to Gas Dr Ltd

Based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Gas Dr Ltd provides a full range of plumbing, gas and central heating services. we cater for all domestic and property landlords.

veteran owned and registered on the Gas Safe Register.                                                    All our engineers have a range of qualifications that allow them to carry out specific types of gas work.

If you live in Bedfordshire  or Hertfordshire we can help you solve your gas and plumbing problems. We have you covered.


Gas Safe

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Landlord Safety Certificate

Gas Dr Ltd offering Piece of mind to all Landlords with our  safety certificate option. Starting from £70 with all wall hung boilers. Why not add an additional gas Appliance for an extra £20 per Appliance or £40 for a Gas Fire.


No Hot water,  Cooker’ not Lighting ? Gas Dr Ltd offers competitive rates for domestic gas appliance breakdowns.


First Hour
  • £80 For first hour then 15 min units
  • Parts Not Included
  • If booking exceeds 1 hour. outstanding balance will be paid Via Invoice.


Boiler Service Certificate

Gas Dr Ltd is proud to offer our three levels of service certificate for wall hung boilers,  Sure to suit all personal needs.


Basic Boiler service.
One Time Payment
  • Let By Test
  • Tightness Test
  • Ventilation Check
  • Boiler Inspection
  • Light Component Clean
  • Combustion Check
  • Digital Record


Advanced Boiler Service
One Time Payment
  • Let By Test
  • Tightness Test
  • Ventilation Check
  • Boiler Inspection
  • Heating system Drained
  • Boiler Filter Cleaned
  • Advanced Component Clean
  • Flow Rate Test
  • Combustion Check
  • Digital Record